28 Sep 2023

Fabrics for upholstery kitchen chairs designed for you

In the world of interior design and decoration, the kitchen is a space that goes beyond being a place for preparing extraordinary dishes and giving off the smell of healthy and at the same time homemade food. It is the heart of the house, the epicentre of thousands of conversations and the stage where unforgettable moments are shared. Therefore, a place where the comfort of kitchen chairs adds up. And this is when Exit Fabrics, a textile factory, appears. 

Who doesn’t like having a beautiful kitchen with fabulous furniture? Certainly, the kitchen is also the favourite corner of the house for many people.  So, when possible, there are many people who want a table and kitchen chairs that are to their liking, so they can eat there and enjoy this stay in which they spend many hours. There are tastes for everything, customers who prefer modern furniture, others a more retro or classic style. For this is essential to choose the best fabric for upholstery kitchen chairs. In Exit Fabrics, textile factory in Spain, we have high-quality fabrics for upholstery of kitchen chairs with extraordinary features, from different colours, textures… 

Finding the right kitchen chairs becomes a crucial task. The kitchen chairs may look like simple seats, but they become silent protagonists, able to transform the aesthetics and atmosphere of this important space in the home. Kitchen chairs are not just functional seats where you sit to eat or chat while cooking, but we could define it as an extension of the personality and taste of the homeowner. For this reason, it is essential that fabrics for upholstering kitchen chairs go accordingly.   

From Exit Fabrics, textile factory, we are proud of the results obtained with our customers. For us, it is essential to listen to them, each of them is a new purpose, because we want maximum satisfaction and clarify all your doubts about how to upholster a chair is a pleasure for us, they are years of profession.

To make your customers like it, we offer a variety of fabrics for upholstery kitchen chairs and colours. We want them to have personalized, unique furniture that they feel is better than they had imagined. Kitchen chairs are design elements that, when chosen wisely, can elevate the kitchen to a higher level of style and comfort. But what makes kitchen chairs perfect? It is here that the importance of choosing upholstery for kitchen chairs like the ones we offer in Exit Fabrics, textile factory, to provide that point of admiration that your costumers are looking for in some kitchen chairs. We know you don’t want to be left indifferent. 

Choose quality, choose upholstery in Exit Fabrics

We know the importance of the quality in products. And apart from, choose a fabric for upholstery kitchen chairs that attracts you with just seeing it, it is essential that it has a finish that gives that fantastic added value. At Exit Fabrics, a textile factory in Spain founded in 1985, we understand the importance of selecting fabrics for upholstery kitchen chairs suitable to meet the needs of all customers. Each of our collections has special features that distinguish them:

  • GARDEN F.R: The kitchen chairs upholstered with this fabric show its wonderful versatility and functionality. This vinyl ensures durability, resistance, and timelessness of upholstered furniture. Its matt and rough texture, as well as its colour range allows it to adapt to all types of spaces and applications.
  • PUMA F.R.: Vinyl with matt engraving in elephant skin. Its features make it suitable for countless applications. From upholstered headboards, furniture of all kinds (chairs, armchairs, or stools).
  • VENUS F.R.: It is the base collection from which the other sister collections start to combine (Venus Tex FR, Venus Lux FR, Venus Geo FR and Venus Design FR). Its 44 plain colours make it a basic to match any colour trend that it is required. A beautiful vinyl, durable due its enormous resistance to abrasion with its more than 500,000 Martindale cycles, ideal for upholstering kitchen chairs
  • REPLAY F.R.: Ideal for chairs, this fabric has 86% recycled post-consumer polyester, GRS certification and features of acoustic absorption. With anti-stain treatment option.
  • STRETCH PLAIN F.R.: It offers a multi-directional stretch for more comfort for your customers, along with fire retardant properties, high resistance to abrasion and acoustic absorption. With anti-stain treatment option.
  • BASIC F.R.: Ideal if you are looking for a fire-retardant crepe fabric, 100% polyester, versatile and functional, with high resistance to abrasion and acoustic absorption. With anti-stain treatment option.

At Exit Fabrics, textile factory, we insist that quality is our priority. In addition, our commitment with delivery times, seriousness and professionalism has made us a benchmark as fabric manufacturers in Barcelona.  We perform rigorous quality tests, including Martindale, light fastness, dry and wet fastness to rubbing, and flammability results, to ensure the durability of our products.
If you want to have an upholstery in kitchen chairs that lives up to your expectations and that of your customers, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to meet you and help you transform your furniture with our high-quality fabrics and custom finishes.