Information of interest

The products we offer are tested technically so that they are suitable for upholstery, these tests being the following; Martindale, fastness to light when dry and wet, fireproof results, etc., although we must not forget that a textile or vinyl is a physical element that coexists with its environment. We cannot guarantee that the use to which they are subjected is the most suitable, something that will not depend on us. We feel it is important to point this obvious fact out. There are a great variety of factors that may affect the durability and good appearance of the product: the correct use of the item of furniture, correct cleaning, the dirtiness to which it may be exposed, overcrowded flow of people, vandalism, the exposure of interior furnishing beside windows that amplify exposure of sunrays, which affect the degradation of the colour, the use of dyed garments with colours that are not solid and which can transfer to the upholstery, the use of garments with metallic accessories that can catch on the fabrics and damage them, etc.

As is the practice for decades of the best furniture manufacturers in northern Europe (Sweden, Denmark, Germany, etc.), good upholstery is basic for the durability of the item. If the fabric is upholstered stuck down or loose, it will last more or less time. For all the above, if our upholstery products are used with the finishes we offer, they will last longer as well as ensuring that the upholsterer works more comfortably and faster, the end result of the product will improve and it will last longer, due to the structural stability that the finishes we have suggested provide.This is why EXIT FABRICS lays emphasis on offering this wide range of finishes to its clients, which improve even more the already excellent properties of our textile and vinyl products, whose technical features are shown on each product offered to our clients.

PLEASE CHECK CAREFULLY THE GOODS WHEN RECEIVING THEM (article, design, colour, quantity, width, and quality) and verify the correspondence with what you have ordered, before proceeding to any further transformation. EXIT FABRICS, S.L. will not accept any claim or any return once the fabric has been cut, manufactured or damaged, or if it has no original label and packaging. Eventual returns must be priory authorized via written confirmation by EXIT FABRICS, S.L. Commercial Department