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Constant supply
Our facilities, allow us to stock most of all our collections in the widest range of colors. We’re use ti work with short delivery times, fulfilling demanding project timings.
Certificates and regulations
Our fabrics possess a large number of certificates and pass many reglations from different countries and the EU. We make all these available to our clients, and can be consulted in the technical specifications of each product.
Custom-made production
Our vocation of service and flexibility allows us to respond to specific demands of our clients and their projects. We attend to personalized orders that request modifications in the physical characteristics of the fabric, or adding a special finish.
Anti-stain Treatment
We offer standard anti-stain treatment products (ECO-CLEAN treatment) and the possibility of applying anti-stain treatments to 100% polyester fabrics that do not have them (ECO-CLEAN or other treatments).



EXIT FABRICS offers its customers the possibility of making different finishes on their textiles and vinyls, which will significantly improve the final result obtained in upholstered furniture, both in terms of durability and quality of finish, as well as improvement in production times: ( in the cut, in the clothing, in the upholstery, etc.…)


Our finishes

Environmental awareness is part of the company’s DNA. proud to have been promoting and committed to the use of polyolefin products that are recyclable .
In addition, through the “Active Recycling Cycle“ service, we take care of promoting the recycling of the remains of textile polyolefin materials from our customers.


We send to the customer a 100% recyclable bag/container according to EU regulations.
The customer deposits the polyolefin materials into the bag/container until it is completely full.
We collect the bag/container.
The polyolefin materials are then recycled in a recycling plant.
We send to the customer a report according when the bag/container is recycled.

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