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Golden Mélange
Homely technical upholstery
Golden is a fabric with a thick structure, very pleasant to the touch designed especially for the home. Beyond its elegance and natural beauty, we must emphasize its convenient elastic fabric, facilitating its adaptation to all types of furniture. It has been developed in a wide range of colours, with special emphasis on natural and neutral colors for the home sofa.
The most versatile professional textile
Stretch F.R. is a high performance fire retardant fabric qualified in the following sectors: office, contract, transportation, leisure or home. Its wide variety of certifications make it possible to upholster any type of furniture.
New Eco-clean treatment
Easy maintenance upholstery
Exit Fabrics has developed the innovative anti-stain treatment Eco-clean providing extra protection of the fabric with an invisible layer that repels dirt and allowing to clean easily  just a cloth and water.

Exit Fabrics, partner in product finishing and developing textile for different sectors: