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Venus F.R.

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Fabric photo scans are shown as a guide and there may be colour variations depending on your screen. We recommend that you request a fabric sample before placing your order.


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Chairs Armchairs Sofas Stools Puffs Seating Cinema seating Auditorium seat Soft seating Retail Leather Stretcher Contract furniture Geriatric furniture Medical furniture Children's furniture Home furniture Office furniture Outdoor furniture Cruise furniture Hairdressing furniture Fast food furniture Bus seating Gym machinery Bed headboards Decoration accessories Vertical surfaces


It is the base collection from which the other matching collections emerge for combining (Venus Tex FR, Venus Lux FR, Venus Geo FR and Venus Design FR). Its 44 plain colours make it fundamental for complementing any colour tendency required. This product has been established to respond to the demanding needs of the health and contract worlds, with all its technical certifications (of biocompatibility, cyclotoxicity, fire resistance, resistance to blood and urine, etc.), for gymnasium furnishings (especially sensitive to sweat), for maritime furnishings (IMO certificate), for contract furniture (with all the fireproof regulations in force in the country where the furniture is intended for), for nursery school furniture (phthalate free) and others. A beautiful vinyl, long-lasting due to its enormous resistance to abrasion with its more than 250,000 Martindale cycles.


Flame retardant Indoor and outdoor use Sanitary treatment High resistance to abrasion Phthalates free IMO Certificate Dirt resistant

Technical specifications


86% PVC 14% PES




910 g/ml
650 g/m2


25 mts


1,10 mm


Abrasion resistance

EN ISO 5470-2
500.000 Martindale cycles
EN ISO 12947-2
500.000 Martindale cycles


Colour fastness to light

Colour fastness to rubbing

Tear resistance

Acoustic absorption

Electrostatic dissipative

Charge sink


UE: EN 1021 1/2
UK: BS 5852 0/1
F: NF P92-507 Classification M.2
F: NF D 60-013 AM 18
ES: UNE 23 727-90 1R Class M.2
I: UNI 9175 Class 1.IM
AT: ÖNORM B 3825 Group 1
AT: ÖNORM A 3800 Teil 1, Q1
USA: CAL TB 117: Section 1
FAR 25/853

Environmental certificate


IMO Resolution MSC.307 (88)-FTP Code 2010, Annex I Part 8
Directive 2014/90/EU
(Marine Equipment Directive)


UIC-564-2-VE appendix 5 classification B



DIN EN ISO 10993-5 Cytotoxicity
DIN EN ISO 10993-10 Irritation and
delayed type hypersensitivity
Biological harmlessness according:
DIN EN ISO 10993-1

Phthalates free= 0 AZO | Cd | Pb | Sb | Cr (VI) | Ni | As | Hg | PAK | PCP


Contract upholstery vinyls suitable also for outdoor aplications

Environmental certificate

Cleaning, use and maintenance recommendations

Do not bleachDo not tumble dryDo not ironHand washDo not dry-cleanDo not hand dry

In order to attain the maximum durability that the vinyls provide, due to the excellent results obtained in our official laboratories, you should know that any vinyl article manufactured in either PVC, PU or a mixture of them, will be affected by cleaning products that can be used, damaging the protective layer of the vinyls, sooner or later destroying the upholstered product, according to its quality. This is why you cannot use cleaners, detergents, lacquers, solvents with alcohol mixtures, xylene-based liquids, acetone or MEK, which damage and exponentially cut the useful life of the upholstered material. The use of these cleaners is entirely your responsibility. 

Certain garments and accessory dyes (such as those used in trousers or jeans) can migrate to lighter surfaces. This phenomenon increases with the effects of humidity and temperature, and is irreversible. EXIT FABRICS S.L. accepts no responsibility for claims of colour transfer caused by this phenomenon. Adhere strictly to the recommendations described for each material. 

Vinyl must be cleaned periodically to maintain its appearance and avoid the accumulation of contaminants and dirt. All stains, spills or dirt should be cleaned quickly to avoid permanent staining. Use pH neutral soapy solutions or special products for vinyl fabrics to eliminate surface stains on the material. Clean only with a clean white cloth dampened with warm water, rubbing with gentle circular movements. For more difficult stains use a soft brush with a neutral soap solution and warm water, rubbing with circular movements. The surface that has been washed with soap should then be cleaned with a microfiber cloth dampened with clean water. Dry the surface!

We would be delighted to attend to you if you have any doubt that may arise regarding this or other information.

Color equality

Variations can occur from one tint to another (3%).

We reserve the right to modify the technical specifications without prior notice. Any color outside the letter can be manufactured under minimal quantities.

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