26 Jun 2023

Keys to choose a good upholstery

Do you have to choose a good upholstery for your chairs and sofas and do not know how to start? It is normal to be disoriented. For this is Exit Fabrics, textile factory. Since 1985, we offer high quality fabrics and a personalized advice to our customers because everyone will have different needs. In Exit Fabrics you can buy upholstery fabric, so you will find the textile collection that best suits choosing between applications, compositions, colour range, technical characteristics.  

If you want to find the best fabric to upholster chairs it is interesting to be attentive to applications. In Exit Fabrics, textile factory in Spain, we give response to all the upholstery needs, we offer quality fabrics since many years ago. We work for different sectors, such as Contract or Industrial furniture, sectors that need to buy upholstery fabrics feeling cared for and the hand of the best experts. We show you a wide range where our upholstery products are being applied, besides offering tips to upholster.  

In Exit Fabrics, fabric factory, we offer to our customers the possibility of making different finishes on their textiles and vinyls. And they can see how they significantly improve the final result obtained in the upholstered furniture, both at the level of finishing quality, durability, and improvement in production times.  

The texture of the fabric can be different according to the furniture to be upholstered, even the colours of the upholstery can be combined or with the pantone colour chosen by the customer. Among our finishes we highlight the fabric with foam and mesh; the fabric with foam and acrochant; the fabric with foam, mesh, and ultrasound; the fabric with foam, barrier, and mesh: the foam with mesh; the vinyl with foam, mesh, and stitching; the fabric with waterproof support; fabric with resin; fabric with padding and stitching; fabric on two sides with foam and stitching; and digital printing.    


In addition, we offer the possibility to delivering the quality fabrics with different treatments, as they provide considerable and numerous advantages:

  •  Eco-Clean treatment. This treatment facilitates the maintenance of upholstery materials. It is an innovative and environmentally friendly treatment, as it protects the fabric and facilitates the cleaning of upholstery, its stains can be removed with water. This treatment is ideal for those people who care about cleaning upholstery and want to enjoy their sofa or chairs without worrying about anything. This treatment is NOT permanent. Its durability will depend on the number of washes, temperature, and cleaning products to which it has been subjected.     
  • Anti-stain treatment. When our customers look for the best fabric to upholster chairs also attach importance to the maintenance of materials of upholstery. Our anti-stain treatment blocks the passage of dirt and makes cleaning easy. This treatment is NOT permanent. Its durability will depend on the number of washes, temperature, and cleaning products to which it has been subjected.


Those looking for fabric for upholstery, want the best product and best care. For this reason, it is part of our philosophy to explain the tips for upholstery, and even detail how to upholster a sofa or how to upholster an armchair, for example. Our customers choose upholstery colours, style, and texture type, and we will provide them with the professionalism and advice they need for the final decision.    

In Exit Fabrics, textile factory, we want you show off your armchairs and sofas. And we all know that upholstery is essential to provide comfort, quality, and beauty in your furniture. Among the collections, we find the following quality fabrics:

Boucle F.R. This is an upholstery fabric made of Fire-Retardant yarn with Boucle effect. It has an anti-stain finish as standard. And it has an extensive range for Home and Contract furniture. 

Crystal F.R. It is a textile made with 75% recycled Post-consumer Polyester, with GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certificate indicated for office environments, space separators, contract furniture, exclusive design pieces, acoustics, vertical surfaces…   It has a combination with white that brings light and offers openness to spaces in a cheerful way. It is an ideal design for those looking for light and colour, in addition to being supportive of the environment.

Golden: It is a fabric of thick structure, very pleasant to the touch. It is a polyester mat double woven, increasing its structural stability. Designed especially for the home sofa, it has been developed in an extensive range of colours, with special emphasis on the ecru and natural for the home sofa. Without forgetting the trend colours for the hotel sector. The Eco-clean stain protection finish has been applied to keep it clean for longer. 

Fantasy Rock. It is a fabric made with 100% Fancy Polyester with “Boucle” effect. It has an anti-stain finish as standard. This design is current trend, for all types of modern furniture. It shows the possibility to manufacturing Fire-retardant for Contract sector.

Replay F.R.: Fabric made of 86% Recycled Post-consumer Polyester, with GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certificate, intended for the office and contract sector, with a slightly melange colour range in 21 trendy colours.  Its subtle colours elegantly dress the most ergonomic furniture thanks to its Stretch properties.

Top Out. It is made in polyolefinic material. It is the most suitable for furniture that requires outdoor applications with UV 7-8 resistance and waterproof polyurethane sheet as standard on the back side. So, it prevents the passing of the water through the upholstery. 

Visual F.R. This collection is among the newest. And it seems it will become indispensable for its value for money. It is suitable for any sector such as Home, Office, Contract… Its design and its yarn give an appearance of volume, highlighting its shape. 

From Exit Fabrics, suppliers of textile fabrics, we attend any doubt of customers who need to buy upholstery fabrics and not have clear what to choose. We are experts in texture and weaving. We have the best professionals who offer tips for upholstery, so that no one is left in doubt about how to upholster a sofa or how to upholster an armchair. Being specialized in several sectors, and knowing the needs of each, apart from the 38 years working daily with different customers, make us feel proud and happy of the fidelity they show us.