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28 Apr 2022

Feel garden pride with the Exit Fabrics outdoor fabrics

With the arrival of good weather, we all love to enjoy the outside. In fact, undoubtedly is the most successful stay during spring and summer. We want to enjoy the outdoors, be relaxed, rest, have fun with a board game, organize meals with friends… So, the decoration of your costumers must be up to. At Exit Fabrics, factory of textiles, we are going to advise you in the best way so that your costumers are proud of the outdoor fabrics of their beloved house.

We have collections made of Polyolefin (Polypropylene) suitable for outdoor use. It is a component that provides optimal qualities to your furniture. Next, we explain it to you in detail.

What is Polyolefin?

The Polyolefin consists of a synthetic fiber that is formed from a long-chain polymeric synthetic compound, of at least 85% by weight of propylene, ethylene, and other olefin units. Its great advantage is the resistance to stains, mildew, and the sun, as well as providing comfort and being a good covering power.

This yarn is manufactured by extrusion (mass dyeing), which provides the maximum colour fastness of our fabrics to the sun and UV rays in its ecrus, beiges, browns, and greys ranges. So, you don’t have to worry about your customers complaining about fading. We want them to continue to be proud of their terrace, what less than to take away their worries! Our ranges are, in addition to a commitment to the environment –as they are recyclable–, designed and created for durability.

Waterproof outdoor fabrics

There are sunny days and rainy days. And being fully aware of this, at Exit Fabrics, a fabric factory, we have created waterproof and UV-ready outdoor fabrics. They have a finish that makes it possible to waterproof the back of the fabric to prevent the passage of water into the foam. It is a waterproof PU membrane, the best solution for outdoor fabric!

The Outdoor sector, and lovers of decoration, highly value the quality of the products, along with waterproofing and durability. And at Exit Fabrics, manufacturers of textiles, we also work with different colours, among them, the fashionable colours. We all want to provide exceptional comfort and quality. For this reason, at Exit Fabrics, a textile factory in Barcelona, we carefully study each waterproof fabric, to be up to the task for our dear customers.

Waterproof outdoor fabrics

Discover the treatment used by Exit Fabrics in its outdoor fabrics

In the outdoor spaces, your customers will be able to enjoy and be calm about the state of conservation of their outdoor furniture thanks to Exit Fabrics textiles. In all our outdoor fabrics we offer:

  • High quality in the outer waterproof fabric. We offer all our clients the possibility of performing a waterproof finish on their outdoor fabrics with our textile finishing techniques. The result is an optimal product, both in quality and durability, as well as improvement in production times, etc. This finish prevents the passage of water to the foam, providing greater durability to the furniture.

When you look at a fabric for your garden, bet on a quality one, one that lasts, that does not stain, that is comfortable and waterproof, because, if not, it will play tricks on you, and you will have wasted your money, because after a little Time will have to get rid of it to buy a better quality one. Surely some of your clients, when they contact you, are distressed for this reason. And it is important to be aware of this situation and that with you they have the best experience. Offer them a quality fabric, with a good finish, and take care of your costumer.

From Exit Fabrics, a textile factory in Spain, we offer you the possibility of delivering your waterproof outdoor fabrics with the finishes that adapt to the needs of your customers. They are finishes that will provide advantages in your outdoor furniture.

Discover our wide range of outdoor fabrics

At Exit Fabrics, a textile factory, we suggest you take a look at our most successful collection of waterproof outdoor fabrics called ‘DEKORA‘. We offer a wide range of ecrus, beiges, greys, and browns colours. And don’t forget to check out the new ‘TOP‘ collection and the ‘ONE‘/’TWO‘ classics, which combine one colour in two different woven fabrics from thinner to thicker.

If you also want to bet on excellent quality in your costumers’ outdoor fabrics, and that are waterproof and offer durability, contact us. We are happy to tell you more about our outdoor fabrics.